ESC- Amiko’s Blog

თარიღი: 2021-10-14 ESC


I am Amiko, from Georgia. I am starting a volunteering program from November 1st in a very beautiful city of Poland - Szczecin. As for why I decided to volunteer in such a program, I will tell you a couple of words about it. As I graduated from high school, I wanted to take a year and spend it abroad to gain more experience, learn new cultures and improve my skills in leadership, English language etc. Therefore, I started searching for volunteering programs in social media, mostly at facebook groups. Luckily, I came across the program in Szczecin, which I loved. I immediately applied for it and had interviews with the organization members. Also luckily, I was approved for the program, so I started to collect the documents that were required for the program and to travel to Poland. I am currently at the stage of applying for a visa and I am planning to travel to Poland before November 1st.

As for my expectations for this project, I am looking forward to meeting great people with interesting stories, learning new culture and language! Yes, I would like to learn some Polish language. I am also looking forward to gaining experience and mastering new skills, such as leadership, organizational skills etc.

Generally, I can say I’m quite an outgoing  person and I like to make new friends. So, I can’t wait to meet people who I will need to work with for the following months in Poland.

As for my experience, being abroad, living independently and meeting international people is not new for me. I have spent some months abroad for different reasons, such as dancing projects, summer schools or just to get to know with the culture. I have also participated in the summer camps, where I was one of the leaders, who were responsible to organize some events for the participants.

To conclude with couple of words, I have great expectations for the project in Szczecin and I am looking forward to meeting people there!