Mari's Intermediate Blog

თარიღი: 2022-03-20 ESC

Hello /Sveiki

I am Mari ,  today it's my 4th month , that i am in Latvia. 
I Came to Latvia as a volunteer, it is the best decision i have ever made during all my life. 
What about my activity, i am volunteer at Youth  center ( Jauniešu centrs ) where we have different kind of activities , playing with kids ,  planing and preparing some events , for example last week we had ,, creative week" , there were   different kind of games ,    art acivities , karaoke and ect. Which was very interesting and useful for others .
In my case  ,  i am working In the field of art, make design of some things , different kind of drawimg and other activties. 
Also i have an opportunity to study Latvian language within Erasmus   at basic level , which is very nice and productive.  Now i can hear some words in Latvian  and talk a little.
During this project i am learning a lot of things , i discover myself, i have  new friends with whom i grew up personally and i learned more than i knew.
Volunteering creates stronger  union between  friends , family and coworkers which is very important in this time.
For me, volunteering is the best way to help others who really need  to be supported .
My main aim is this , to help others here and make their life better , i hope i'll achieve this aim during this project.
Thank for this opportunity my sending organization and thanks recipient organization  for good conditions and for everything.