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თარიღი: 2022-03-26 ESC

Hello from Latvia!

I have been for four months as a volunteer in Latvia.I am very happy that I was given the greatest chance to be here, I learned a lot of things during  four months that school and university didn't give to me. I discovered Latvia, l already have foreign warm, friendly, kind friends, I live independently far from my family, I learned to deal with problems and sort out these, I improve English skills and enhance my knowledge. I learn Latvian language. Also, I have opportunity to travel all over the European countries. I have already travelled to several European cities and I got the biggest cultural shock.
I work with seniors and I am grateful that I am working with them. They are very warm, kind people I totally keen on communication with them.
We have a lot of activities. Firstly, we have exercises every morning, we have different kind of activities in the afternoon such as reading, drawing, doing a crossword puzzles, doing a various decorations, playing a bingo, doing yoga, some sports activities, tea party, birthday party and so on.
Finally, I am very happy that I am a part of this project and I am here now. I totally recommend people to take part in this awesome project and become more independent people and discover own opportunities