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თარიღი: 2022-05-15 ESC

Short-Term ESC Project in Latvia

I am Mariam and my life motto is to be the best version of myself.
To be honest, it is imperative for me to find a positive side in every bad situation. For instance, two months ago I had Covid19 and during the quarantine I had a lot of time to think, so I decided to try something new for changes and development, at this time, I realized that I needed some challenges. It sounds weird, but Corona virus helped me to make the best decision in my life. Everything started with a post on social media about Erasmus +, (as it has always been my ambition to take part in different kinds of projects and get familiar with many cultures) I found the information about “ESC project in Latvia” from the organization -“Youth for change”, I became interested and immediately applied for it, luckily, after the interviews I was selected as a participant for camp project in Latvia, I was very excited and now I am significantly satisfied with my decision, so for this moment I am organizing plans for this summer.
To be honest, it will be my first experience abroad. Through this project I’m looking for the opportunity to expand my knowledge, gain confidence, meet different kinds of people, earn new skills and find myself in another field.
As for my expectations for this project, I believe that it will make me more independent, self-confident, sociable, perspective and knowledgeable person. I expect from this program to get great adventures, develop social and personal competences and gain valuable professional experience as well as to have a chance to bring change while developing my skills and competences. I can say that there is no better place for vibrant experience than this project to demonstrate our knowledge, explore everything new and of course, come home with a suitcase full of memories.
I love this expression-“be the change”, and volunteering is a great way to bring valuable changes, connect to our community and make it a better place because we have the power to change the whole world, create stronger communities and build a happier society for everyone.
From my point of view, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, spend time abroad, get empowering experience with new friends, exchange cultures and definitely come back with unforgettable memories. As far as we know, “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”. I believe that this is a good possibility to prove myself and other people that we can do whatever we want, so I am looking forward to meeting great people and making interesting stories with them.
To sum up, I have great expectations for the project in Latvia and I am ready to start a new page of my book with new people from different backgrounds. Honestly, I am confident that “ESC project in Latvia” brings me a step closer to my goal becoming the best version of myself.