Nika's first blog

თარიღი: 2022-05-15 ESC

My expectations


I am Nika, I studied on the faculty of Political Science at Ilia State University. I am currently studying on a Master's degree on International Relations. Personally, I am an active person and trying to use this skill in education also; that’s why I am involved in many programs which exist in my university. I quickly became interested in this program according to my personal patterns of character and I’m strongly sure that it will be one of the starting points of a successful career in the future. To introduce myself better, I can say that am very sociable, purposeful and friendly person; I can work independently as well as in groups. I can also say that my leadership skills help me a lot in different kinds of situations and in my opinion, with many other things, it is one of the most important traits one can have, in order to achieve an important level of a successful life. I love politics and trying to get more and more new information on a daily basis about this field, to follow the current events happening in the world, do a small research and make an analytical review which will help me to understand the reasons causing each problem better.
I believe this project will help to develop myself professionally and will give me various opportunities for the future. It will also be a good challenge to work with foreign people in a new environment. For those people, who want to build their career up and strengthen themselves, they have to participate in those kinds of programs. I believe the project will allow me to develop, learn new languages, meet new people and travel a lot. I found one of the participants from Croatia on Instagram, with whom I think I need will learn a lot of new things. I will start sports activities, I will also study for a master's degree remotely in Georgia, which is why I think this year will be very interesting and strange. I believe that this project will let me to be an active volunteer who will plan many good activities with them, learn and also share his experiences with others.