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თარიღი: 2022-05-18 ESC

ESC First blog


Before I tell you about my activities in Lithuania, I want to tell you few things about myself.
I am Amiran, a civic education teacher. For the last few years I have been working at a local self-government in the field of tourism and youth in Shuakhevi municipality.
I have been living and working in Lithuania for four months now. The organization where I work includes a primary school, as well as a kindergarten and a college. Consequently, my activities are also very diverse, interesting and enjoyable. In elementary school I have my club "travel with Amiran", where we weekly discuss specific countries, landmarks, traditions, folklore, cuisine, etc. Some part of the club is dedicated to having fun, exchanging positive emotions and as I call it "brain break with Amiran".
In addition, I teach English to children in the Kindergarten School Readiness Group, twice a week. Although I have pedagogical experience, I still found interacting with small children even more interesting and fun.
Together with my organization, I was involved in a peace march in support of IDP women and children from Ukraine, which was very important to me as a Georgian, and then we once again protested against Russian aggression.
The environment, the atmosphere in Lithuania is very good, the people are very warm and charming. I'm sure there are a lot of colorful days ahead, which I will definitely share with you.