Vako’s first ESC blog

თარიღი: 2022-06-10 ESC


I’m Vako Korganashvili. I’m 20 years old, studying at the International Black Sea University, in the faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education as well as Public Administration and State Governance. I like my profession and I’m very glad that I’ve made this decision.
I’m a hardworking person, who always tries to develop himself in terms of career, study more and more, and try to be more active today than I was yesterday. I participate in different kinds of activities which make my life more active and Interesting. I also like new challenges.
A few weeks ago I came across a post on social media. “youth For Change” was looking for an active young man who would take a part in a Latvian project. Generally, spontaneous decisions are not my style, however, I have decided to participate in this project and try myself in a new environment, where I could study new culture, language, new skills, etc.
After the project, when I return to Georgia, I will share my experience and knowledge with my friends and relatives, which will be useful and interesting for any young person.
I think that this project will give me a lot of opportunities, I will discover new skills, share my knowledge with others, make new friends, get closer with people with different cultural backgrounds, and make a significant contribution to my life.
I have been following up on a social media page - „youth For Change” for quite a long time, as I know they have a lot of volunteers, who are certainly satisfied with the opportunity that this organization gives us.
Volunteers always share with us their impressions and realities. Therefore, I know that my expectations and perceptions will be justified, which is guaranteed by this organization.
To conclude, I would like to thank this organization for this opportunity and advise everyone to cooperate with them.