Juli’s ESC Blog

თარიღი: 2022-09-11 ESC


I am Juli Japaridze from Georgia. I arrived in Szczecin, Poland about a week ago. I am participating in ESC project here. I have always had a great desire to participate in international exchange program, that would be a new adventure in my life. To get into the project, I went through a multi-step selection process, which included filling out an application and an online interview.
Taking part in this project means working with kids, youth and local community. The program is long-term, so I will spend the next ten months in Poland. 
Everything is going pretty well. During the first week, we had several workshops, which were very interesting, funny and necessary. The environment here is really international, which I really like a lot. I have already met people of many nationalities and cultures and it is really very interesting for me. The mentors and participants of the project are very friendly and polite, which makes participating in it even more pleasant and comfortable. 
Being a member of such an amazing international family gives you a lot of opportunity to escape from the routine life, improve your personal skills, became more independent, adaptable, confindent person, make friends with wonderful people from almost all over Europe and of course, to change people's lives for better. 
Finally, I will say that I am very happy to decide to participate in this project. I am sure, that my life will never be the same as before and this wonderful adventure will surely open new doors to me.