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თარიღი: 2021-10-02 ESC

 I am Ia from  Georgia. I finished Master Degree of Social Scienes at akaki tsereleti University. I am activity person and I have been always trying to find somthing new, exallent programs and projets that will help me to become successfull and independent person.

This awesome ‘’volunteering  project’’ is a geat oppotunity for young  people to achieve their goals, be become independent people, to get a new experience, make new friends and live in a new country.

Once, We take a chance from our life and we shoud try to use this chance that our life to be  more bueatifull,exciting and it does not same.

I am grateful to take a chance  and take part in ’’Volunteering  Project’’. I think, my life change during a year becouse I will have a great, exellent days in Latvia. Firstly, I enhance my knowledge , I will get to know and discover a new country with its cultrure, traditions and warm people.  Furthermore, I get experience, to have communication foreign people and  this everything help me to become very successfull person in my life.

I say young people, they don’t think about a lot of this project, just involve in this great project and they make  their life more beautiful and valuable.’’