ESC-Mari's Blog

თარიღი: 2021-10-03 ESC

First  of all hello.

  I want to talk about some issues, in particular, Where did I find out about this project and what are my expectations about this project. 
I found this project; Organization ,,Youth for changes " for what, I thank them very much.
For me volunteering  abroad, In a country like Latvia  , means see the world with different  eyes  , you expect that, there exists another world expect you ,which has different culture and lifestyle. I need an international experience to see my country from other's perspective.
I have a lot of expectations from this project.  It is a unique opportunity for me . This project  helps me break the barriers of my comfort  zone , I’ll become more independence and self-confidence person, improve and reveal my skills da knowledge,
I'll  learn more about other cultures, and traditions ,improve my linguistic knowledge,   find new friends, and share experience with others.  I am going to become a teacher officially in the near future and this project help me achieve the goal that I am aiming at.

I want , that never give up and learn a lot of , I think as a volunteer, you never stop learning. Developing new skills, discovering new passions, discover yourself and I think - volunteering covers it all.

For me this project is the first step to shape my personalities and follow my dreams.


Mari Chankselian- ESC volunteer in Latvia